What is handicraft

Does the prices mentioned on your website include shipping?
No. Since the courier fare is different for each destination, we have mentioned the price without adding it. Visit:  http://www.pakistanhandicraft.com/shipping-charges/ for shipment charges.

How can I make the payment?
We only accept 100% payment in advance. Your order will be processed once the payment is received. Acceptable mode of payment is via any money exchange preferably western union or moneygram, etc. We also accept direct bank transfer or else you can pay via Paypal or Moneybookers.com too. You may load payments via Visa or Master Card in Payoneer Card. Further details will be provided through email once the deal is finalized.

How can I make my order?
Please visit How to Order page here http://www.pakistanhandicraft.com/how-to-order/

How long will it take to get my ordered goods?
It depends on the type of your order. Usually we dispatched after 4-5 days from the receipt of payment, but if you order some product that need to be processed or arranged in some other city. It can take 2 weeks time. But We try our best to deliver you as soon as possible.

The price mentioned on your website are in US Dollars, how will I calculate dollars in Pak Rs. or in Pounds or Euro?
We have mentioned the price in US Dollars so that it can be easy for majority of our customers as US Dollar is more convenient for them to evaluate. For your convenience, we have also installed the currency converter box on right hand side panel at bottom on our website. Just enter the price and select the currency you want to be displayed and the result is shown instantly.

What is your minimum order quantity?
We recommend you to buy atleast 6 Articles/Piece/Items so that shipment charges are divided and reduced. For example, shipping charges for 1st pieces/Kg to UK is US$20 and each additional Kg/item will cost you US$5 so if you order 1 piece/Kg, the shipment charges will be US$20 per piece/Kg but if you order 6 pieces/Kg, the shipment charges for will be US$7.5 per pieces/Kg.
Anyways, it is your choice. You can also buy 3 pieces/Kg or 1 pieces/Kg too. We have no minimum order quantity limit.



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