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Black Onyx Pakistan has bestowed by nature with magnificent reserves of different kind of Pakistan onyx marble specially Green Onyx, In some areas, It is also present in Black in color known asĀ Onyx Black. It is of many distinctive colors from light green to dark and jade green, from copper brown to dark brown. Even within colors there is many effects and shades of colors interplay through the veins.

The technique of inlaying cut and shaped multicolored Sea Shells onto Onyx craft in floral or geometrical designs and patterns has historical linkage with centuries old art of inlaying diamonds and gems onto the object of marble.

A variety of articles available to suit the present day life style are produced in Onyx – namely Vases, Flower Pots, Tables, Lamps, Pedestal Lamps, Bowls, Plates and Dishes, Goblets, Jars, Sherry Sets, Water Set, Writing table Sets, Paper Weights, Pen Stands, Key chains, Fancy Polished Birds and Animal Figure for Decoration, Ashtrays, Candle Stands etc.

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